Welcome Fall


I love fall and this cute table top wreath using images I designed for Cricut would look right at home at my house.  Hint, hint.  Check it out here on Cricut Design Space.


Drawing with Kids

nataliemalan_studio_child_friendly_webSo I decided to make good on my last post about spending more creative time with my munchkins.  And I realized that having a stool by my chair at my drawing table would probably be a good way to keep this little man from drinking his paint and eating his crayons (well one out of two isn’t bad…).  It worked out well this morning and I’m thinking I may even invest in a few ikea stools with backs like these so I don’t have to worry about him wiggling off.

nataliemalan_studio_child_friendly4_webThis is his usual face when I’m wrangling him around my studio.  He got a lot happier when he was sitting by me and we were both coloring.  We encourage the time saving “two handed coloring” method.  Deadlines people!  Always deadlines.  Might as well train them young.

Anyone have any tips for drawing with littles?

nataliemalan_studio_child_friendly3_web nataliemalan_studio_child_friendly2_web

Happy New Year!

nataliemalan_paint_makers_gonna_make_freebie nataliemalan_paint_makers_gonna_make_freebie5A day late.  Because that’s how we roll here on Christmas vacation.  I’ve been cleaning out my office and throwing away junk all over my house like a mad woman.  My poor kids.  I did decide to keep all of them so they should be grateful….. Still debating on the littlest though.  He decided to start 2015 off right by showing us his crib jail breaking skills.  Oh well……

Organizing my gouache and watercolor palettes have been on my to do list for a long time.  I wanted one with all my colors in it so I picked up this wonderful metal watercolor tin thing on Amazon, and put all my colors into pans.  It’s been so great to have them all in one place!  And now I actually know what colors I own!

I haven’t made any actual resolutions yet; other than to clean out all the extra things around the house.  That seems to be a never ending job.  I would definitely like to spend more quality time with my kiddos in the studio, so I think that will be on the books for sure.  Done.  Resolution made.  Here’s to 2015!


Your Story Video Goodness

I was looking into doing some gold foiling and came across this gem when I was considering if my Your Story machine would work as the type of laminator required.  Has anyone ever tried foiling with a Your Story?

I made this video when I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant with my first child; who’s now in kindergarten.  My how time flies!

Confessions of a Card Maker

You may have read my last post.  If not, you haven’t heard my deep, dark, card making secret.  It’s probably better that way.  Now we can still be friends and I can look you in the eye.


I feel like there was probably a very good reason Cricut asked me to design their Simple Cards Cricut cartridge, and I had a fantastic time coming up with all the designs for it!

This project by Anna Rose is one of my favorites.  Check out Cricut Design Space for directions and cut files!  And if you’d like to see more projects using this cartridge check out the videos by Sunshine Creations and Crafts on you tube.

Cricut Explore Project – Happy Thanksgiving Card


I’ve never been very good at sending cards.  I have some that I bought to send to my grandparents 15 years ago and never mailed.  Postage rates kept changing and I could never seem to keep up…. until the forever stamp was invented (THANK YOU!!!).

But I do love making and designing cards, and this one by Anna Rose of the Cricut design team with one of my Thanksgiving images made me happy, so I wanted to share in case you also have a love for making and not sending cards!  Or, what the heck, show me up by buying a forever stamp and send it to someone special that you’re grateful for this thanksgiving!

Check it out here on Cricut Design Space.